Tamás Ruszka

Tech lead


Berlin, Germany
+49 176 42724520




Kecskemét College, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Information Technology Engineer, Bachelor Degree

About me

I first started developing in 2005 as a hobby using PHP and javascript, this passion of mine turned quickly into a full time profession touching many aspects of hardware and software, including web, desktop, mobile, backend and barebone/MCU development and a bit of devops here and there.

My professional background is also diverse, started working as freelancer during college, contributing to the open source community and working in different sized companies in many different countries.

I have many years of leadership experience, both technical and managerial, leading many high profile projects and teams of various sizes. I love mentoring people and sharing my knowledge with them, as preparing and facilitating workshops. I also participated in numerous vetting and hiring processes, finding the best fits of talents for our teams.


Programming Languages
Java, Javascript, Typescript, C#, C, Python, Golang, PHP, Ruby
AWS (EC2, S3, Glue, Athena, etc...), Maven & Gradle, Spark, Terraform, Kafka, Docker
Postgresql, Oracle DB, MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL
Frameworks & Others
Spring, Express.js, React.js, React-Native, Vue.js, Jpa, Winforms, Handlebars, Thymeleaf, Velocity, Less, Sass, HTML5, CSS3



Tech Lead

04.2023 - present (1y)

idealo GmbH

Lead Developer

12.2021 - 04.2023 (1.5y)

Full-Stack Developer

10.2019 - 12.2021 (2y)

Visoft Kft

Lead Developer

01.2018 - 08.2019 (1.5y)

Full-Stack Developer

09.2013 - 01.2018 (4.5y)



Relai app

04.2023 - present

Easy bitcoin purchase with just a few clicks directly on your phone! The app allows you to buy, sell, create savings plans and use it as your BTC wallet.
As a tech lead, I manage the everyday work of the tech team, gather and assemble the feature requests, facilitate workshops, refine topics and do hiring to fill our open positions.
React-Native, Golang, Typescript, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Unique Content (UNICON)

12.2021 - 04.2023

This application enables our content writers to create rich text contents on our main pages. To achieve this, we had to create a custom CMS, which can handle formatted texts, images and other media elements.
Spring, Java, React.js, Webpack, AWS, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Affiliate API

12.2019 - 12.2021

It’s an analytical tool, which collects affiliate transaction data from idealo’s partners and then store them in AWS and calculate missing income predictions from these datasets.
Spring, Java, React.js, Webpack, AWS (S3, Glue, Athena), Terraform, Pyspark

A/B Testing

10.2019 - 12.2019

Testing new features on both the german and international sites, developing either in sitespect or directly in the subpage’s codebase.
Sitespect, Java, Spring, Javascript



01.2019 - 08.2019

It’s an RFID reader and door opener unit using custom made PCB mounted onto a raspberry pi, with a web-based admin control panel.
Pi4J, Spring framework, Vue.js, IoT


01.2016 - 08.2019

This is a web-based, national-wide power usage and performance planner application connected with other mission critical systems through various interfaces.
Spring framework, JPA, Oracle DB, Handlebars.js, Apache POI, Gradle, Gulp, Liquibase


02.2017 - 07.2017

This is an digital aid claim handler application for disadvantaged and disabled people.
Java EE, Custom template and workflow engine, Groovy, XML


03.2015 - 12.2015

This is a web-based legislation editor and manager system with version control features for the hungarian Ministry of Justice.
Spring framework, Thymeleaf, JPA, Postgresql


12.2014 - 04.2015

This is a web-based electrosmog measurement system and internal integration module.
Spring framework, JSP, Less


06.2014 - 01.2015

This is a file handler (mostly documents), organizer and version control system (desktop application and server).
C#, WinForms, Spring framework, Modeshape, JPA, Postgresql


03.2014 - 06.2014

This is a web-based service and application catalogue and news feed processor.
Spring framework, JPA, Postgresql, Thymeleaf

Document handler

12.2013 - 04.2014

This is a document handler web application with LDAP and QR code capability.
Spring framework, Velocity, Coffeescript, Jpa, Postgresql

Side Projects

Crypto Bots

07.2022 - Present

This is a crypto trading bot application made for Binance and Kraken, which is capable of handle multiple bots and configurations and trade 0-24 between BTC and multiple fiat currencies. Currently it's in closed beta.
Node.js, Typescript, React, AWS (EC2, RDS, Lambda, Cognito), Postgresql

Electronic Engineering projects

01.2018 - Present

Making barebone drivers in C and C++, designing and assemblying PCB boards, creating measurement and analytical tools on Raspberry, Arduino, ESP and STM MCU platforms. Designing 3D models and 3D printing them.
C, C++, Kicad, Fusion360, FreeCAD


01.2014 - 12.2014

This was a freelancer project, where I had to create a translation desktop application. It can help subtitle creators to translate and transcript TV serieses and movies.
C#, Winforms